Vest Trials: AD

Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn is a game I begun working on during April 2010. I was originally entering it in the sixth YoYo Games' competition but failed to meet the deadline of September 1st. I didn't however stop working on it, and kept chipping away at it for many more months until I finally released it as my first complete game on the 7th of August 2011.

Take control of Dareo as he infiltrates and explores an abandoned Temple in search of its history and use. Traverse through eight main levels and two optional bonus levels in search of what is at the bottom of the giant structure. Beware though, even if there are no aggressive life forms in the Temple, its creators devised areas of incredible difficulty to prevent its secrets from being revealed.

Game Information:
  • Platform: Windows
  • Genre: 2D Platformer/Adventure
  • Screen Resolution: 480x272 (does not change screen resolution, fullscreen option available)
  • Engine: GameMaker 8.0 Pro (written in GML)
  • Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi: The lo-fi version of the game does not include level and overworld music (approximately 11 music tracks). However the game still contains music such as the Main Menu theme, Level Begin, Level Complete, Level Perfected, Secret Unlocked and Credits music.

Vest Trials was originally the title of my very first game created with GameMaker in early 2009. I of course abandoned the first 'proto-type' and moved onto a more demanding graphical game. Due to lack of organisation on my part, the game was ended up being scrapped mid 2009 due to my ideas of where the game was heading continued to change.

Late April the following year I began working on a new game titled Approaching Dawn, with inspiration being drawn off the RuneScape skill Dungeoneering. It was around this time (a little later) that the sixth YoYo Games competition was announced with the theme "Discovery". I thought this tied in perfectly with Approaching Dawn as it was focused around the theme well enough to be entered.

I then settled on a story-line for the game and began working on it a lot more in order to complete it by the competition end date. Unfortunately due to school and my personal life, along with my lack of level design skills the game was heavily unfinished by the end of the competition (only included the first four Arcade levels, outdated graphics [of sorts] and no music/barely any sounds), but decided to enter it anyway as an unfinished project.

To my surprise the game passed through the rounds of the competition and achieved place of runners up (tied 4th). It was then featured on the YoYo Games website, which gave me even more motivation to finish it. As the months went by I chipped away at the game slowly making more and more progress, finding someone to create music for the game along the way. During the beginning of 2011 the game was nearing completion, however the shift to University forced down the amount of time I had on developing the game.

However after many hours, days, weeks, months the game is finally finished and was released on the 7th of August 2011, although I had planned for a release on the 13th, after a Skype conversation along with a screencast of Peter Zezima (one of my testers) that went for over seven and a half hours and the feedback I obtained from him I was confident enough to release the completed game that night.

Credits List:

Thanks for reading/playing my game Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn! If you have any constructive feedback or comments regarding me or my games don't hesitate to email/comment or message me on one of the listed sites that I'm on. If you encounter a glitch during the game let me know!

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