About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog! My name is Andrew Wickens and I'm a 19 year old 'indie' game designer/developer from Australia. I've been making (trying...) games since around February 2009 but have been programming since late 2007. At current I don't have a large knowledge of programming but am quite fluent in Java, C++, C, MATLAB, GML and Python, and looking to learn more in the future (such as VHDL).

I have many other interests that don't include going outside as well! :D Such as spriting/drawing, writing (however I'm quite terrible at it... some may beg to differ but eh!), gaming (quite a vivid fan of Minecraft and Iji, along with a heap of other indie games) and well I 'spose that's it. :P

As of 7/08/11 I've completed my first work Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn which you can find more about here. At the present time I'm working on Caught up in Carl's Dream (which I plan to finish quite early in 2012) and The Vest Trials (the sequel to VT:AD/standalone biggie).

So yeah, hopefully you enjoy me blogging about 'stuff' during development of my games, thanks!

First bit of concept art of Dareo, protagonist in Approaching Dawn


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