Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry X-Mas! + Update on CuiCD and VT

First of all, Merry Christmas!

Work on CuiCD has been semi-OK, stuff has been getting done and hope to get it finished soon. Main things left to do in it are:
  • Add menus: main, pause, options, achievements!
  • Cutscenes: intro, little "hi bad guy!" and ending.
  • Screens: how-to-play (before playing), how-to-fly, how-to-fly-combat, beat level!
  • Achievements: actually add them in.
  • Final level three area.
  • Pre-Boss fun maze.
  • Sound/Music.
Think that sums up what is left to do. Most of it is boring stuff (yay!) but shouldn't take too long to finish up, test, add sound, get and add music (I plan on having the game done before it gets made).

Once that is done, it'll be time to work on the biggie. Oh yes, I mean  biggie. The Vest Trials will push my limits and will allow me to explore some new areas whilst making areas to explore! The levels are going to be not only platforming goodness but also include exploration and some RPG elements. There will be baddies/boss etc. Don't really want to spoil anything for now as most still isn't set in stone, but I'm looking very forward to working on it.

Anyways, hope all readers have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, will be putting up next post when CuiCD gets released!

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    Hey Andrew. 'sup? Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear and all that festive jazz.
    *Heartemoticon* Chapstick/Chappelli/Lordlyhour/James