Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caught up in Carl's Dream

For the past few weeks I've been working on a small project titled Caught up in Carl's Dream (CuiCD). The game is relatively short, with three regular levels and a boss level. It was originally being made for the GameJolt competition earlier this year, but because of commitments to university I couldn't have it done in time (I feel as if this has happened before...).

The game itself is mainly just a regular platformer with some baddies, collectibles and achievements. Being the lazy person I am there are no ways to defeat the enemies, just dodge them. Collectibles don't really play a main part in the game except helping the player complete achievements, such as:
  • Collecting all collectibles in a level.
  • Defeating the boss without losing any health.
  • Completing levels without losing a life.
Hopefully adding these will make an easy-ish game more difficult for those who want to complete it fully.

There is still a bit to work left to do at current, like adding music, sounds, completing the Overworld, third level, pre-boss area, cutscenes, HUD and menus to name a few. Although things should speed up a bit more as most of the more time-consuming tasks (making levels/rooms) are done.
A look at the game's Overworld.
I consider this game more of a 'experimental' type, as work on my next game (Vest Trials) will mean me thinking up some new fresh gameplay elements and fun puzzle-type levels that make it more then 'just a platformer game'.
One of the heap of 'enemies' - the Crushers.
So that pretty much sums it up! Once I get more things done such as menus, the third level, completed overworld etc. I'll put up another blog post with more screenshots.


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