Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Vest Trials] Inactivity and Nearing Dusk

Slight update, due to lots of uni work happening at the moment between assignments and study, I've had pretty much no time to work on ND. After the next few weeks (just over four weeks left of uni for the year) I'll be on a three month break where I'll work on the game a lot more heavily.

Currently during my limited spare time I'm working on the base animation engine for the game, it won't be using drawn frames for animation, but only a static image rotated/transitioned/translated. After experimenting at first I like the animations these provide much more than those I can make, and not only that but it uses up less resources.

The plot itself has also been reworked and is at a stage where I'm very pleased of how it's turned out. I'm very excited to get working on this, as I'll be experimenting with a fair few new gameplay elements, such as a higher level of control over what happens in the game.

The game itself won't be a direct sequel to AD, I've purposely left a gap just in-case I want to make a third later on down the track. That being said, ND should be able to be a standalone game, meaning that you don't have to play AD/understand AD to play ND and understand it. I'd like to think of AD as more of a game where you can see where it all began, but not really necessary to the overall plot.

During the game you'll also get to play as characters that aren't the main protagonist of the game, and the game's name (Vest Trials) will finally make sense.

As for overall length of the game, I'm not quite sure, only time will tell. ;)

That's enough from me, I have assignments to do!


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