Monday, August 8, 2011

Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn Released!

Warning: Read comments at your own risk, may include spoilers about the game!

Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn is finally complete and is now fully available to play!

"Take control of Dareo as he infiltrates an explores an abandoned Temple in search of its history and use. Traverse through eight main levels and two optional bonus levels in search of what is at the bottom of the giant structure. Beware though, even though there are no aggressive life forms in the Temple, its creators devised areas of incredible difficulty to prevent its secrets from being revealed."

After 471 days after the start of working on this project it's finally complete! From the above links you can download the lo-fi or hi-fi versions of the game!

Game Information:
Category: 2D Platformer/Adventure
File Size: 10.7MB (lo-fi); 27.2MB (hi-fi)
Screen Resolution: 480x272
Changes Screen Resolution: No (fullscreen is optional)
GM Version: GameMaker 8.0 Pro


Credits List:
Created by: Andrew Wickens (Nights of Light)
Music by: Brian Burke (stargenx)
Testers and Advisors:
- Andrew Martini
- Brice Lwo (iluvfuz)
- James Chappell
- Nathan Wood (turboRamble)
- Ninjutsu63
- Peter Zezima
Special Thanks:
- YoYo Games
- Mark Overmars
- Andrew Martini
- Brice Lwo
- Daniel van Blerk
- James Chappell
- Martin Piecyk
- Nathan Wood
- Ninjutsu63
- Peter Zezima
- Rebekah Ash

Differences between lo-fi and hi-fi:
Essentially the lo-fi version of the game doesn't include level tracks and overworld tracks (overall about 11 tracks), which means a lower file size. Save games from both versions will work with each other however!

Additional Information:
Please comment giving constructive feedback, or email/message me on any of the sites I am part of. If you spot a glitch please don't hesitate to let me know!


Well I can't believe the day is finally here where I can say; "Hooray I finished my first game!" After a long 15 months it's finally complete. I'm very proud of the result, I know it could be better in some places but I plan on improving on those areas during development of my next game.

A few stats for AD: 20,000 lines of code approximately, close to 500 sprites (total of over 1000 sub-images), 50 backgrounds/tilesets, over 100 rooms and much more. I'm sort of proud about how big the game actually turned out even though in my mind I always thought of it as a very short game.

Anyway I'll be very interested now to see how the game gets received, I don't expect too much publicity, but you never know, I might get surprised.

For now I'll be continuing on writing up the GDD (game design document) for my next game, which will be some uber fun!

So to everyone who had patience waiting for this day, thank you and I hope I haven't let you down. Thanks to everyone who supported me through its development!

Thanks again!


  1. You might want to try to clean out the spam from the GameJolt page, especially since you got mentioned on a rather prominent game-review site today.

  2. Unfortunately the owner of the Game Jolt site is yet to implement further powers to remove spam. I will try my best to remove it though.

  3. This game locks up at startup every time. I have tried compatibility mode and tried running it on integrated intel graphics and with NVIDIA graphics card, it says "hit z/x to skip (can't remember which one) and when i do I hear a sound and then it just freezes. Any idea how to fix this?

    I run Windows 7 64bit

  4. The program the game was made with (GameMaker) does seem to have issues with 64 bit windows and running the game in 64 bit windows in 32 bit compatibility mode doesn't seem to have any effect. I think the only way to remedy this is by playing it on 32 bit windows only. I'll try finding a way to make it 64 bit compatible in the future.

    Sorry, and I hope that helps.

  5. Are there other endings besides the one when the dark creature kills you? Also where are the secrets because i found only one but i cant get to the secret levels. Does this game have walkthrough somewhere?

  6. @Anonymous - there are no alternate endings, the ending leads pretty much into the second game in the series (which hasn't been made yet).

    There are no walkthroughs for the game *yet*. The stone slabs (after being unlocked via putting code into code machine) give hints towards where secret rooms are in the Overworld which include secrets/the bonus levels.

  7. @Nights of Light;

    I'm actually running Windows 7 64-bit and it's working perfectly on this end. Just thought I'd give you that heads-up and let you know. C:

    On a more general note, THIS IS A FANTASTIC GAME. I have not had as much fun with (or been as frustrated by) an exploration-y platformer since Knytt, and that's a good thing! Two thumbs way, way up. I'd have bought this if it was a demo, and that's saying something.

  8. can the character do anything else besides jump around, platform to platform?

    does he get a weapon of some sort mid-way through the game? maybe special abilities or equipment?

  9. @asfghn - Oh cool, didn't know that. In that case I have no idea what the problem he is having is. ;o
    And thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it!

    @anonymous - No weapons because there aren't any enemies. Only unlockable 'ability' of such would be double jump.

  10. I cant get to the secret levels because i dont know how to open the 3 secret doors

  11. The bonus levels can only be unlocked by perfecting the first four Arcade levels (perfected by beating a certain time [hint: look near the code screen for the times to beat]).

  12. How do you get past the bottom section of the Red Lava Level-3 where there's a little jump over a lava pit and falling spikes are above? *(best way I can describe where I'm at is just after the second jump down a spiky wall column...the second one is the one that has you land on a down platform that immediately plunges you into lava if you don't jump right away).

    Anyway, I'm finding the next move to be impossible. I can't jump over the next little lava pit without getting nailed by one of those falling spikes (or jumping into one). I can get the first one to fall by faking it out, but how to get past the others? HELP!!! (BRAD)

  13. @Brad - It's possible, I usually take a small run up and jump by *just* tapping the jump button. It is possible don't worry although it might take you a few tries to get used to it. But yeah make sure you have a nice (even if it's small) run up before doing a small small jump.

    Hope that helps!