Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Project!

Well, I've been tossing up ideas during the week prior to VT: AD's release trying to come up with ideas for my next game project. Little did I know that the day after the game's release I had the perfect idea to come up with for my next game.

For the last few days I've been working on the design document and don't plan on spilling anything of any sorts about it until the document is finished and has been finalized. I expect the document to be done by the end of the month maybe start of September. That being said I think the scope of this project might take as long as VT: AD did, except this time I'll have everything I need to do sorted and explained prior to making it.

Currently the document is rather small, but I expect it to grow vastly within the next few weeks, and then after looking over it and being pleased enough with all my ideas, mechanics, work etc. I'll post notice about what exactly the game is on the blog.

I can say however, that this game is likely to be much more graphically demanding than VT: AD, not amount of sprites wise, but the detail that I want to put into the sprites and the animations that will be required. Programming the game's engine is also looking to be fairly complex, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty in code!

Pretty small blog post, just putting it out there that work has already begun on the next game (I did originally want to have a break... but I am just too eager to work on this next one!). If any major issues arise in VT: AD, I'll still fix and upload a new version (both lo and hi), just that I'll also be working on a new large-ish scale project!


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