Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[ND] Vest Trials: Nearing Dusk

Yes, the sequel to Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn is the next project I'm working on! I doubt that wasn't a huge surprise to some, but yes, after the release of AD I felt I needed to get a sequel out to finish off and clean up the story line from the first game.

The past two weeks I've been writing up a game design document for this game, and pretty much all parts of it (except game area design and some other things ;) ;) ) are complete so I figured I could get down and dirty and begin to work once more.

I've actually already begun development of the game, already completing the main game menu (with sub-menus of new game/load game/controls/options/story and quit game) along with the game's introduction cutscene! The main menu is a more polished and I feel much more smoother menu (that I adore), so I'm glad I got that done and out of the way pretty much first.

The introduction cutscene uses 'images' to portray the story, in a similar but not quite the same way as Iji. The images are static (most) except they are accompanied with words below them explaining what's happening from the point of the game's protagonist.

Now, to get down to the heart of it, the gameplay and mechanics compared to AD. Nearing Dusk follows more non-linear exploration, making the game Overworld much bigger (for a reason though). The game won't revolve around levels such like those in AD, but other 'forms' of levels, I might post this later on but I want to keep some details hidden!

More about the Overworld - again it takes place underground, however there are different terrains and I plan on making it a lot less 'blocky' than AD hence the use of slopes. The engine that the game will be using (by engine I mean platformer engine) I'll be making from scratch, hopefully adding some improvements such as ledge-grabbing, swimming etc.

The graphics of ND I'm not quite sure on yet, I may stick to the style that was present in AD and just make them cleaner and smoother, or I might go for higher-quality graphics, but I'll probably stick to the former. Of course I plan on making the main character bigger than the one in AD, and keeping the same screen size (sorry, but I actually like the smaller screen size).

So yeah, more on this coming up soon! ;)

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