Saturday, August 6, 2011

[AD] Music and Sound Update

First things first, I'm not going to say that there will be no music or sounds in Approaching Dawn! I will be using approximately 17 different music tracks throughout the game (ranging from menu music, to level music, to ending credits music), along with around 40 different sounds.

Secondly, I know I missed my release date of August 1st! Sorry to those who have been waiting (which I don't think are many...). I've been sick the past two weeks and that along with uni work beginning to pick up again I really haven't had that much time along with feeling very lethargic.

This post is mainly aimed at the music/sound side of AD, the differing music tracks and sound effects, and my thoughts on the both.

So yeah, as I mentioned in the first paragraph there are 17 different music tracks, these are pretty much divided up into the following categories:
  • Main Menu music (1 track)
  • Overworld music (4 tracks, 3 of which are shared with levels)
  • Level music (10 tracks, 3 shared with overworld tracks)
  • Credits music (1 track)
  • Misc. music (3 tracks - level completion, level perfection, level begin and secret obtained music).
I was a bit worried about having so many different tracks (not only file size but continually changing the music whilst in the game), but decided that in order to compliment the visuals more were needed. Of course in the lo-fi version I plan to make, overworld and level music will be absent from the game. Essentially every 'tileset' has its own music, except for two (I think).

Yesterday when I completed my first full play-through of AD start to finish including obtaining all unlockables, I was also noting what sounds needed to be implement in specific parts of the game. I came up with a list of 40 sounds which I think will help add to the visuals and music.

Currently the sounds are what stand between the finished product and the one at current, I'll be using SFXR (I'm very original...) to make the sounds and hopefully implement them before the end of the weekend. This will allow me to send our the beta to those specific testers in order to generate feedback before doing final tweaks and lastly releasing the game.

I want the testing period to be around a week, mainly because any longer is overkill, I've tested the game a lot as it is (I should have really implemented a count to see how many times I've died/completed X level etc., seeing the results would be interesting), and some have other commitments during the week so less time would mean some would be unable to test.

So just a small post just to say it hasn't been abandoned, and definitely won't be now that it's so close to completion.


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