Friday, July 15, 2011

[AD] Bonus Levels

Over the past week I've been starting to create the two bonus levels in the game, exciting... Seriously though I wasn't sure how exactly to tackle them, seeing as I originally planned to have them accessible straight after opening them. In fact I'll just list the original vs. the new:

  • Bonus One required Arcade levels Mellow Meadows and Craving Caverns to be perfected, and could be accessed directly through the Arcade 'lobby'.
  • Bonus Two required Arcade levels Vivacious Volcano and Everlong Everest to be perfected, and could be accessed directly through the Arcade lobby.
  • Bonus One would have the approximate difficulty level of Vivacious Volcano and will include a new 'obstacle' (not telling what it is though!).
  • Bonus Two would have the difficulty level of just higher than Everlong Everest, and will also include a new 'obstacle' (not saying what this one is either..!)
  • Double Jump was the reward from Bonus Two, whilst a Secret was a reward from Bonus One.
  • No perfection times/times in general.
  • Bonus One and Bonus Two both still require the same levels to be perfected, but cannot be accessed until all four Arcade levels have been completed.
  • Bonus One has a higher difficulty level than Everlong Everest, it is however shorter (2 rooms).
  • Bonus Two has a higher difficulty level than Bonus One, it is three rooms long.
  • Rewards from completing Bonus One and Bonus Two are both Secrets.
  • Rewards from perfecting both Bonus One and Bonus Two is the double jump ability due to it potentially making the game a lot easier.
  • Perfection times and time system included in the levels.

So yeah, both bonus levels I think have changed a fair bit in terms of difficulty, making the double jump ability a fair bit harder to get, which I think is good seeing as it could potentially make some of the more difficult rooms easier (even though I myself have only been testing the game using single jump). I do not have any plans to include a "###% game complete" inside the pause menu or whatnot however, as I think it's rather pointless, complete all levels, perfect all Arcade/Bonus levels, collect all 9 secrets and that's your 100%!

Also on another note, I've made a music system and implemented it into the game, it's a rather simple one but it works and I'll be keeping it. Another thing crossed off my to-do list!

So until later, happy gaming/developing/etc/etc/etc!


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