Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[AD] Arrrgh!... Cutscenes and Progress!

The last few days I've been slaving away finishing up making the cutscenes for the game, hooray... To be truthful I've only made three, out of the five that need to be made, three all relating to the final level. Today and a bit of last night I was working on the ending cutscene that has been a quarter done for some months now and was really beginning to irritate me...

It's almost done, surprisingly, only just a few more minor things to do (I'll add in the 'credits' roll later on down the track) and it's done! I suppose then I'll have to do up a better beginning cutscene (the one at current is just plain horrible...) and after that I'll tie up the back story and implement it into the game (replacing the old dodgy 'secrets' I have at the present time). Technically then I can play the game start through finish.. without music and bonus levels. >_<

After that I'll start working on fixing up some 'stuff' around the game world and get stuck onto making the two bonus levels. Hopefully I should be able to fix majority of the stuff in a day (maybe two) and the levels in a shorter amount of time than it took to make the previous ones (without being sucky either, hehe).

So yeah, the main things left to do are:
  • Bonus levels.
  • Music/Sounds.
  • FIX!
And when looking back I really have to start getting my act together if I want a 23rd of July 'completion', which I just realized is two days before university kicks in again (so nice timing.. :P). Fingers crossed I get it done long before that, as I'll be sending the betas out to the few for a week before gathering their feedback, implementing changes (if need be) and then fully releasing the game.

So yeah I'm sorry for the short-ish blog posts lately, but time to get back to work!


Monday, June 27, 2011

[AD] Not Dead Yet!

I know that there has been a large 'break' from posting, and that it looks like I've dropped the project but actually that's not the case! I've been slacking away doing bits and pieces throughout the semester at university and now that the break is finally upon me I can get a lot more things done!

I've set an imaginary release date for the game which is the 23rd of June, this year of course! Hopefully I can push myself to get this game completely done by then (let's just ignore the previous seven 'release dates' shall we?) and finally I'll be able to release the entire game, so that it's fully playable, not only the first four short(ish) levels!

Also I'm going to get around to posting more things about some techniques I used throughout the past few months to keep myself on track, like motivation, inspiration, dedication etc. Hopefully I can also use them to learn as well as in future I'd have something to refer back to and to see how to progress on from that in the right direction.

Now, that aside I've been beginning to think about where I'll put the completed game after it's done.. I've come up with a small list which I think will help me:

  • YouTube trailer (possibly? Depends if I can find a decent recording program)
  • Thread on the GMC
  • Updated game on YoYo Games (lo-fi version only)
  • Lo-fi version on GameJolt
  • Hi-fi version on GameJolt
I'll also be posting regular-ish tweets on twitter (follow me here) etc.

Anyway that's all from me for now, I'll probably throw up another post about the progress of the game and 'stuff' either today or tomorrow, so enjoy!

Oh, and here's a picture: