Friday, April 29, 2011

AD: Progress until game is complete.

Thought I'd make a small list of what's left to do in the game before I class it as 'complete'. I still have to 'finish' some parts of the game, add things in, and after I 'finish' the game I go through polishing things (and editing things). So really I finish then polish then I class it as complete. But anyway, the list!

To Do (Then game is classed as 'finished'.):

  • Add in remaining 5 small cutscenes to Final level.
  • Add in final half of Final level final cutscene (three finals in one sentence, win).
  • Three more World HUB rooms (one being a bonus room, two being the rooms leading to the ending cutscene).
  • Completion of the ending cutscene.
  • Adding in Bonus levels and all the things related to them (rooms, items, cutscenes etcetera).
  • Implementation of music/more sounds.

To Do (Then the game is classed as 'complete'.):
  • 'Finish' the game.
  • Redo Introduction cutscene.
  • Redo Arcade cutscenes.
  • Redo Quality cutscenes.
  • Test.
  • Polish rooms, sprites, bits of code, whatever that needs fixing.
  • Test.
  • Final touches.

So really there isn't that much more left to do in the game. Hopefully today I get all cutscenes relevant to the Final level done and get to work on the remaining HUB rooms. No ETA just yet, as I plan to do a final beta run right before the game release to a few select testers/real life friends to make any adjustments to the game before the final release.

I'll also most likely die down with the blog posts as I'm really running out of things to talk about relevant to the development of AD.


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