Monday, March 28, 2011

AD: Story Refine and Final Level Layout

Whilst on my small 'break' from working on AD I've begun refining the overall plot of the game. It did have some sort of structure about it and the secrets really enforced a story - the only thing I wasn't happy about was the story itself, it felt lame (to me).

So I've gone through and made changes to the pre-existing story in hope that the new and improved story will make much more sense and will answer more of the questions the game leaves the player at the end of the game. This also means that if I never get around to making/finishing the game's sequel there's still enough plot to uphold the game nicely (I do intend to make AND finish a sequel though).

AD is really the 'introduction' to a much larger game, the sequel will add a lot of new game mechanics, a much larger story and overall a lot more content (it'll also have a different layout to this game). But enough of that, back to AD!

The Final Level
Probably the most difficult level to design, I want this level to be 'different' to all the previous levels, with it being more puzzle based and have a few little surprises in it. I already have one completed room, which is probably one of the hardest rooms if you're unsure on what to do - even if you do know what to do you need to act quick.

The second room that's being worked on currently makes use 'darkness' which is also seen in the Game Overworld (after the Quality door). Still working on a way to make this room difficult without making it Arcade-esque.

The third room.. well that one hasn't been planned at all yet!

The final room is in planning, and it's different than all the other level rooms. I think I'll keep this one a secret for a while and see how things go. Hehe.

Hopefully after getting most of the Final level complete, the Speed level complete and the introduction/ending cutscenes complete progress will flow from there on until the completion of the game. The thing I'm worried about most concerning progress at the moment is music and how it's going to be implemented into the game seeing as there are many music tracks (and equally many rooms that require different music), having it change smoothly will be a task, but I'll see how the rest goes first and leave the music for last!


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