Friday, March 25, 2011

AD: Progress has begun again slowly

I've begun working on AD a bit more now, beginning to get some major things done (there isn't much left to do in the game really). One of these things is possibly one of the biggest sprites I've done in a long long time!
You can consider this a large spoiler, but meh! It's the final door 'unlocked' by completing the last level in the game. Venture through it and you will be able to view the final cutscene and game's ending.

I've also begun work on finishing up a few of the game's levels. To give you an idea on what's left to do:

  • Final speed level room (still, I know, but I hope to get this one done quickly).
  • Final level
  • Bonus level one (Core)
  • Bonus level two (Wasteland)
  • Cutscenes (predominately the bulk of the work, new introduction cutscenes, ending cutscene, level cutscenes etcetera).
  • Adding in the music to the game
  • Polish (sprites, pre-existing content)
A rather short blogpost, but one letting you know that progress is no longer at a standstill and that I do intend to finish this game sooner rather than later.


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