Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AD: Spit and Polish

Over the past week (nearly two), I've been receiving feedback from testers of Approaching Dawn (all two of them, hooray!), and with this feedback I've been 'polishing' the game. Lots of minor things have changed, such as the Level HUD and the 'Level select area HUD', time has also been changed from being displayed in seconds - "148 seconds", to a different layout - "00:02:28". Hopefully this will look a lot cleaner and improve the overall look of the HUD. As from feedback I've also changed the backgrounds of the mountains and the underground areas.
New Lights/details and More Detailed Background for Underground Areas
Changed Background for Mountain Areas, also changed Timer and "Level" display
Improved Lava Background, also Text has changed font
(which should make it look less generic) and an "exit bar"
Background of the fourth level also modified.
(This may also look new to some testers!)

Considering I wanted a connection between Arcade levels (both the field and the mountain/snow levels, and the underground and volcanic levels), I've kept the backgrounds and tile-sets "similar" to each other, still giving the effect of a completely new environment, but at the same time retaining that 'homey' feel.

Apart from these small fixes here and there I've been heavily working on the next main aspect of the game - the Quality Levels/Areas. This allowed me also to draw more doors! (I love doors for some reason...) However, as some of you guys have realised, most of the main doors of the game are "mechanic" in some sort of way with the whole temple being ancient (some-what). This is simply because those who built the temple... let's say they had to somehow make it "time-resistant".

The door of Quality, after being opened of course! (Still in planning stages)

This is a rather short blog-post as I haven't had much time to write! But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's five of 'em!


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  1. Game looks great, can't wait to play it.