Sunday, July 18, 2010

CT: Named and Framed

Yes, yes indeed - this is the second of my "CT:" blog posts, and now with a spiffy logo (not that it's spiffy). I'm actually thinking of ditching the name "Hero" altogether, but we'll see what happens.

So yes, this is my game that I'm planning, sort of a small exploration game with no real objectives, has a small story behind it, but I don't want to make it a full-on 30 hour exploration game, I'd rather settle with a 10-20 minute high quality exploration game where you take on the character "Hero" (pronounced: heh-row).

Hero lives by himself on his own little world and that's the whole reason he needs your help! The Stone of Wonder will grant Hero his one wish to not be alone any more. Simple, yes. However the Stone needs to be powered up to work, as at current it is just a bland, grey, stone slab, magic-less, but scattered across the lands of the elements are monoliths which require powering by small elemental energies which are found in the surrounding areas (yes, we must power the monoliths to power the Stone of Wonder). These districts are home to some hazards which will set Hero back on his small quest.

Story is very simplistic at the current time, and will most likely remain that way. I also hope to reflect this on the game's graphics, which are also simple but "pleasing to the eye". There will be no "levels", but there will however be Achievements which the player can earn - with some being required to complete the game.

This is very similar to seiklus (I know, I wanted to make this game reminiscent of seiklus as it was one of the games which inspired me to start using Game Maker and making games for that matter), but hopefully it'll differ in a fair few ways.


NOTE: All sprites of the game "HERO: Stone of Wonder" in this blog and blog post(s) are © of Andrew Wickens 2010. Permission is NOT used to use any of these sprites except by emailing myself and by posting true ownership of the picture(s) towards myself.


  1. I like the premise of this game. I would love to see how much it differs from seiklus, as well as how you will design the puzzles.

    BTW, love the graphics.

  2. Thanks! :)
    Yeah, the puzzles will be the thing in which I want a lot of effort to be put into. I was actually very worried at the start in that I thought I was going to make a "seiklus rip-off" but it turned into something much more independent and I'm happy about how things are going now.