Monday, July 5, 2010

CT: The Bigger Picture

Over the last few days I've been playing seiklus (made by "cly5m"/"tapeworm" - I've beaten it four or so times throughout this period of time, and have still felt the same "new" feel each time I open it. This began to get me thinking a lot about a new game which has been in the back of my mind for a while now.

As you can also see, the blog post before this has "AD:" in its title before the blog title. This stands for Approaching Dawn, and as I develop/release more games, this sub-title will change depending on which game I'm blogging about.

This blog, is for a project titled "Cyghotite" (this is a working title for now) which I'll write up a GDD (Game Design Document) for, and begin working on it ASAP. It'll have the sub-title "CT:" next to it.

Game Engine
The engine for this game is going to be a tad different compared to the one I'm using now in Approaching Dawn, well, for one I'll be re-writing the whole engine, and some specific parts of the engine I'll have no use for, we'll just have to see how it goes.

I haven't quite settled on this yet, but I'm going to go for a similar style like I am doing with Approaching Dawn, this may be changed back to a more simpler style (like one of my previous unfinished works "Bulb: Circuit Problems").

The Game
I'd rather make this game "short" but with extensive use of exploration qualities. Having an entire world where the player explores new areas, finds secrets and decodes the mysteries of the Tribe is what it'll focus on predominantly. However I do want to incorporate an extended storyline and things for those who have reached the first ending. I also want the game to be sort-of RPG-like, with the player needing a heat-resistant Cyghotite to go in the lava areas, requiring a light-producing Cyghotite to go into underground areas, or having to need a water-pressurizing Cyghotite to go deep underwater.

I want this game to be another heavy story-oriented game. At the present time, the story is about a boy - named "Hero" who lives in the snow-village of Ahn-Ko (pronounced "ah-neh-koh"). The village itself is rather peaceful, with there being no known threats in-game. The player can venture through the village and can explore the surrounding areas. The story kicks-in however when the player examines the large stone-tablet reading out an ancient story about the elemental "Cyghotites" (pronounced "Keh-eye-ho-teh-eye-tes"). Upon reading the story the player (Hero) is able to absorb the Cyghotites and can hardness their elemental ability to open up more areas. This will of course enable the Hero to gather all the sacred Cyghotites which were lost during the dark times of the Tribe millions of years ago.

Development is continuing on Approaching Dawn, although I had a minor set-back (the weekend was very busy along with the end of last week) but hopefully this week can be rather smooth, school-work aside.


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