Friday, July 30, 2010

AD: New way of Texting

Well hello there! No, this is not a "new project", but a correction of an old one. You may remember a quote from one of my previous entries when I said: 
"In saying that, I still hope that the overall plot of this game leaves a few loose ends, as I want it to lead pretty much directly into the sequel with (the planned) opening sequence for Nearing Dusk tying up many of those loose ends. Those who were following my first work "Vest Trials" will be rather surprised with this series... Not telling why!"*
I guess the secret is spilt and you all now know that both Approaching Dawn and Nearing Dusk are pretty much "Vest Trials". Vest Trials was my first ever Game Maker game which I never finished (I didn't even get through one eighths of it due to my aims of making it immensely large [the first world which I did complete had about 30-45minutes of game time], I was aiming for a total of ~10 hours). So yes, now I have a new spiffy-looking logo which I'm happy about, and I'm actually updating all the current text's looks in the game. I thought I'd share a few pictures:

I wanted to give them a simplistic and smooth look compared to their "messy" appearance beforehand. Not only the text which is changing though, as I'm going through and polishing a lot of the game up, tweaking old graphics, etcetera.

This leads me to the next major(ish) change which is being made - the keys. I'm swapping around some of the keys which are used because I've always thought then I played around: "The spacebar doesn't seem right for jumping" and "The Pause button (P) is too far away". The Pause one in particular gave me difficulty when unpausing the level just to do a jump or something, and with it being so far away I would often miss/mess up. So I've come up with a new controls scheme which will hopefully remedy that. 

From now on the jump key will be "X" (It was "Z" but I felt uncomfortable when jumping, "X" feels a lot more natural), the pause key will be "C" (very close to the jump key, so even if the player accidentally pressing the pause key, the game can easily be unpaused and continued without much hassle), the skip cutscene key will be "Z" (they're relatively close to each other which means the player doesn't have to move their hands as much). This will result in the spacebar, and P not serving any function at all, and the arrow keys will stay as normal. Hopefully this set-up will allow for much better user input efficiency. 

I also really dislike having those 'floating' pictures on the Approaching Dawn page. So I'll hopefully clean that up within a few days and have it looking much more nice than it is now. Same goes for HERO: Stone of Wonder, I'll edit that page providing a lot more information about the game itself.

As for progress towards the third beta, I'm currently analysing what exactly to put in it, as the finishing game will be released after Competition 06's completion, due to the mere time consumption by school work (not only that, but I'll need to focus on my tertiary education for next year). I intend to implement all the story into the game however (including the background story scrolls), and 'most' of the content (the three Quality levels and all the 'bonus' stuff that I've planned will have to wait).

*Quote taken from blog entry here.


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