Thursday, July 8, 2010

AD: Difficulty in Perfection

With the first BETA releasing a look at the first level, and with the second to fourth levels under development, testers did pose the question of difficulty towards the levels. However, not everything is as it seems!

When designing the levels, due to their 'thought' non-time restrictions, players can take their time throughout the level, which in doing so renders the level very easy. However, as some (those who achieve a specific time of higher) would notice that they would achieve the following screen:
This screen shows (and tells) the player that they've "perfected" the level, reaching the ultimate time goal. Of course the player can continue to retry these levels in hope to beat their "perfected time", but once they've perfected the level once, it remains perfected.

As mentioned before I will also be adding in two "bonus" levels, these, when completed (and found for that matter), will congratulate the player with a fancy new move - either the ability to double jump, or the ability to run.

Simply "finding" these bonus levels isn't the only requirement for obtaining these abilities however, as the player will need to "perfect" specific Arcade levels to enter!

For the first bonus level, the player will require perfection in both the first and second Arcade levels, with the second bonus level requiring perfection in the third and fourth. Of course I'm not going to spoil what ability is behind each level, but I will say is that the abilities found will be required to complete the game. That's right, these bonus levels aren't really "bonus" at all, as the last level will require both of these abilities AND completion of the previous levels (those being the three Quality levels).

In doing so this creates a "higher" difficulty on the four Arcade levels, which will continue the flow of difficulty throughout the rest of the game. Below is a little list of the levels and their difficulties, with 1x being very easy, and 10x being extremely difficult:

Arcade Levels

  • Level One - Regular: 1x
  • Level One - Perfect: 2x
  • Level Two - Regular: 2x
  • Level Two - Perfect: 4x
  • Level Three - Regular: 3x
  • Level Three - Perfect: 5x
  • Level Four - Regular: 4x
  • Level Four - Perfect: 7x
Bonus Levels
  • Bonus One: 5x
  • Bonus Two: 8x
Quality Levels
  • Persistence: 9x
  • Thought: 9x
  • Speed: 9x
Other levels
  • Final Level: 10x
And in saying that it is time I get back to work, progress is going smoothly, with some bugs and rooms to fix up before moving onto the final touches for the second BETA.


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