Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome to the Approaching Dawn Blog!

 Well, first blog post on my new blog dealing with the development of my latest game (well soon to be) "Approaching Dawn". Now work on this game begun long ago back at the beginning of the year when I was making my game engine for the fifth YoYoGames Competition. Turned out I didn't have my game out in time, and sitting there I had this great platformer engine which I had built (of course during the course of building this engine, I had made reference to other engines which I had learnt off in the past - to make something new!).

Once the announcement was made about the Competition Six on YoYoGames I was stoked, because not only did I just finish my engine a week beforehand, but because that I could now put it to the test into making one of my best (and favourite) games yet! After settling with a Project name (it was GPD-####-##-## at the time), I could finally get to work on this game!

The first thing I began working on was the story, as time and time before I had always built everything, THEN incorporated the story into that, which led to the game, and the story, not having that "mood" and myself ending up quitting and moving onto the next project due to the sheer ill-organisation that was put into the project.

So, welcome to my blog and I hope that I do indeed continue blogging about the development of my new game.


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  1. i hope this bloag will get the recognition you deserve man. work hard, dont get distracted and this game'll be great