Sunday, June 13, 2010

Story time children!

Well, here's my first official blog post for Approaching Dawn. As you can see I even included the spiffy logo which is used in-game. In this post I'll be talking a bit about the story and the background of the game.

The main character of the game - Dareo, the explorer's background story is shrouded in mystery. The back story isn't necessary towards the overall plot to the game, but it would provide an interesting read to those who find the game fun.

This led me into thinking about how I could introduce the back story to the game without it flooding the player's minds, and also to have it available to those who WANT to find it. So I came up with this: have bits and pieces of scrolling jammed in secret places throughout the World HUB so that the player can learn about the character's back story if they wanted to. The scrolls themselves would hold bits and pieces about Dareo which the player could then link together after finding all of them.

As for the rest of the story, the World HUB begins off as a lush greenland, the player is "forced" into moving forward, as that is the only path to move on. Eventually the player finds an entrance to a large dungeon on the top of a "mound". The player then enters this dungeon entrance to go into the real World HUB, the dungeon itself.

The dungeon will sprout off into different routes (may not at the start, but towards the end it will), and will hold entrance to all of the games levels and hidden secrets. The story will mainly focus on Dareo's travels throughout this dungeon, and the secrets he unfolds. Not to mention the treasure he finds at the end (I'll keep it a secret for now).

This doesn't mean the entire story is set in stone, changes will be made (where necessary), but in all I'm very happy in the way the story turned out, very.


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  1. lol, the second i read story time i did the same little kid yay i did when it happened in preschool. In my head of course