Monday, June 21, 2010

Progress Report #1:

Well, I've decided to make a series of progress reports throughout the development to keep track of some elements of the game.

Main Menu: Main Menu development is almost complete, with the only things remaining are the clean-up of some sprites and some things added here and there. (90%)

Options Menu: I've been heavily working on the Options Menu for some times, thank goodness it's almost finished, just a few replacement sprites to add in and it should be perfected! (90%)

Controls Menu: I've only just begun working on this menu not too long ago, but progress is happening quite quickly. I've decided to stick with the one style of menu for now, enabling the choice of keyboard or PSP controls later in development. (45% [current]) (20% [total])

Pause Menu: This would be a menu which I will start work on after the Controls Menu, the menu itself will be easy to make, so the development of the Pause Menu will be quite quick. (40%)

Game Areas
World HUB: The World HUB of this game is rather special in my eyes, so it will be broken up into three differing percentages. The first indicates on the current (from total) being the base rooms, with no decorations etc. The second percentage is for the current with decorations. The third and final percentage is for the current room with decorations and hidden areas containing Bonus stuff (this most likely will stay very low until all key areas of the game system are developed). (40%) (25%) (15%)

Game Levels:

  • Level One - this being the only level currently in development will be the only level given a percentage during this progress report. (25%)

Game Engine Capabilities: The Game Engine indicates the variety of obstacles etc. throughout the game, with this at 100% the obstacles, item and player systems are complete and are ready to implement into the game. (70%)

Game Plot
Plot: This is the design of the Game's Plot. It shows how far into the development of the story is. (90%)
Introductory Areas: These are rooms covered within the game's introduction. This includes the beginning cutscenes. (30%)

Well this is the end of this progress report, another one will be released within the next month or so, considering the two weeks holiday coming up which will allow for greater development within the game.


NOTE: All sprites of the game "Approaching Dawn" in this blog and blog post(s) are © of Andrew Wickens 2010. Permission is NOT used to use any of these sprites except by emailing myself and by posting true ownership of the picture(s) towards myself.

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