Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BETA #1 Progress

Figured I may as well give an update on how the first BETA is coming along. In this BETA I hope to have a few things done and dusted (like the current World HUB - remove the secret areas ;) ). It's not going to have a lot of game-play, as it's mostly just the engine that is done at current, but I will have some other stuff so don't worry!

Some things which will be in BETA #1:
In the Game Executable File

  • Main Menu
  • Controls Menu - PSP mode.
  • Options Menu - no music in the game at present, so that option will remain on no matter how many times you try to change it.
  • Pause Menu
  • World HUB - parts #1 and #2 only for the time being.
  • Introductory Cutscene to the Game - for feedback.
  • Level One - the whole level which should be working correctly.
  • Some Sounds - like changing selections in Menus and some other sounds.
  • Score System - this MAY be implemented just as a "trial" for the First Level to see how things go.
  • Saving System - only one save slot for the game at current, this may change in the future.
And in the Readme File
  • Controls for the Keyboard, should help out because at current the game only shows PSP controls.
  • Some information about the game, most likely including this list of what's in the BETA.
  • Information about RAM and CPU usage (at current, the game uses 90Mb of RAM on start-up which falls to ~5-10Mb after a few minutes of playing. The CPU usage is around 15-40. By the end of the development I'm aiming for under 140Mb of RAM used and maintaining the CPU usage. I "hope").
  • Also some information about myself, contact also to link to the blog.
  • Some copyright/distribution stuff.

Also I'll put up my contact details here just in case you ever want to ask a question(s):
Personal Email: (only email me here if it's of high importance)
FAQ/Help Email: (email me here if it's any sort of A.D.-related question)


NOTE: All sprites of the game "Approaching Dawn" in this blog and blog post(s) are © of Andrew Wickens 2010. Permission is NOT used to use any of these sprites except by emailing myself and by posting true ownership of the picture(s) towards myself.


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  2. Cool, i hope you release a link to the beta soon. looks like its coming along well. the 2 weeks holiday is gunna give ya a huge boost too.

  3. Within a few days I plan to have a link out! Will upload to YoYoGames if I can, but seeing as it doesn't like my Game Files (it refuses to upload them), I may just have to find another hosting site.