Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BETA #1 Out Now!

Download Link Removed

As you can see above there is a link to download the first BETA for Approaching Dawn. I was fairly pleased with the outcome result for the first BETA, finishing off some small things just a few hours ago.

This BETA focuses pretty much on the layout of things in the Game: Main Menu, Pause Menu, Options/Controls Menu, Level Start/End Screen, Cutscene layout, Level layout. I do know however that the first Level is rather short, but don't fret! As they will get longer and more difficult as you progress.

This BETA is a relatively short BETA in terms of content, with there being only around 5-10 minutes of playable time. I wanted this mainly so I could get some feedback before moving on (perfect what I have now, without moving on and causing more imperfect things).

In the .zip file you should find the executable file and the readme file. I suggest reading the readme file because it contains all the controls/information about the BETA (plus it shouldn't take long to read).

In the Game itself, has a few functioning things. Below I'll list the key aspects I need feedback on:

  • Saving - frequent enough?
  • Level Start screen - does it feel crowded, does it fit in?
  • Level End screen - any suggestions/feedback is welcome for this particular screen.
  • Cutscene - do I need to add anything more to the Cutscene, is the Powering Gem giving the impression of Power?
  • Level - Should I make each segment of a Level inside a different room, or should I merge it all into the one room?
  • World HUB - Is it straight forward knowing where to go?
  • Menus - Are they presented well, is there any likes/dislikes about the differing Menus?
I also know there isn't enough sound in the Game at the present time, I'm very aware of this, but it isn't at the top of my to-do list.

My contact info. is in the readme file, leaving a comment on the blog also helps a ton.


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  1. Had a lot of fun playing this. Here's some feedback:

    Saving: Felt fine to me. My only problem with the save points is that weird particle effect that happens when you save. I didn't feel like it fit with the rest of the game. Other than that, the graphics were top notch.

    Level Start Screen: Looked fine. However, I'm a little confused as to why you have to use space on some menus, and z on others. Wouldn't it be better to just stick to one?

    Cutscene: My only complaint was that it could have been a little faster. Or, if not, it would be nice to be able to skip it by pressing a button.

    Level: I thought it was fine as it is. Dividing it up also made the checkpoints feel more natural.

  2. Saving - hmm, I'd have to agree there, will try a different approach in the next BETA towards Saving which will hopefully blend in with the rest of the game.

    Level Start - yeah, I had to alternate between the "X" and "Space" keys a lot (with Space being used out of the game Menus and X with the in-game Menus) this is because the Space interferes with the Character's jump. I'm a bit annoyed at this and will try to get all Menu selects working with the same key (preferably Space).

    Cutscene - hmm, I'll try speeding it up a bit, but if that makes it look strange or anything, I'll just enable it to be skipped.

    Level - Good to know, sorry it was a tad short!

    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!