Monday, January 17, 2011

AD: Belated Christmas and Year 2011!

Merry belated Christmas! Sorry it's late I have been incredibly tied up. This blog is me wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year, but also to outline what's going on early next year with the release of Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn planned to be release mid January.

I plan on releasing VT:AD late January, which means hopefully it'll be ready before then (2-3 weeks should be more than enough to finish off what I have left to do, but I'm not going to rush it).

I'm deciding on how exactly to release VT:AD, and have come up with the following three options:

  • Option A: I release a low quality version (without a soundtrack) to the YoYo Games website. I will then release a version with a soundtrack to Game Jolt. The music tracks will be within the executable file meaning it'll only be one file (two if I include a readme).
  • Option B: I release a low quality version (without a soundtrack) to both YoYo Games and Game Jolt. I then upload the soundtrack by itself to a file-hosting site (in a ZIP folder). The folder will contain all necessary music pieces for the game. If the player wants to add the soundtrack to the game, they'll have to up-zip the folder and move the un-zipped folder to the same directory as the executable file. The only problem with this is that the files are able to be copied/moved etc. the folder will also include the details about rights, copyright etc.
  • Option C: I release a low quality version (without a soundtrack) to both YoYo Games and Game Jolt. Then I upload a version with the soundtrack to Game Jolt. The music tracks, like Option A, will be within the executable file.
These three options should (all) utilize the fact I want a less-intense download (~10Mb) and a more-intense download for the game with the full soundtrack (~30Mb). This should also stop people from complaining ("I'm not playing, I want music." and "File size too big, not going to download.").

I may as well say what's left to do in the game!

  • The Final Level - this (surprisingly) shouldn't take THAT long to complete, possibly 2-3 days once I get the room concepts done on paper.
  • The Speed Level - this level STILL hasn't been finished as I want another nice idea as the last room of the level.
  • The Thought Level - again, I'm thinking of an awesome last room to finish off this level.
  • The World HUB - pretty much complete, just need to add the Bonus level room and the two last HUB rooms. Pretty simple.
  • Cutscenes:
    • New Game Cutscene - I plan on doing an overhaul on the old one to make it a lot more fitting and to reflect the new changed plot.
    • The Ending Cutscene - Probably the largest of all the cutscenes, in this one I'm be using a mock-up character to give the feeling of the way the player actually moves (except isn't being controlled by the player), plus it is pretty graphic-intense so.. yeah.
    • Final Level Cutscenes - these smallish cutscenes for the Final Level should be relatively easy to make, but however somewhat graphic-intense.
    • Bonus Level Cutscenes - small cutscenes which don't really require THAT much new graphical stuff.
    • Game Intro Cutscene (when you begin running the .exe) - just to make it more fitting.
  • The Two Bonus Levels - relatively smaller levels (compared to the Final Level) so should get done within a few days if I concept the layout on paper first.
  • Adding Music - adding music to the game (I have a total of 17 tracks to be used), along with a lot more sounds, possibly some ambient noises to give the areas a better 'unique feel'.
After that it's just testing and tweaking that remain to be done. So until then, thanks!


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