Thursday, September 6, 2012

Completion of CuiCD

Feels like forever since I've done a blog post, so here's one!

Currently I've been studying heaps and haven't had much time to work on anything, let alone any newer projects. After talking to one of my beta testers for AD I've decided I'll finish up Caught up in Carl's Dream after all and release it as soon as I can.

During study breaks I've been working on getting the achievements system up and running with all 24 game achievements working (which all 24 do, hooray!). However there's still a bit to do in terms of menus, cutscenes and a few level finishing touches.

The game itself is primarily done, it's just the boring last bits that need to be done.

For those that think the game is going to be easier than AD, that could be the case, it is certainly much smaller, but obtaining all 24 game achievements may prove to be a challenge higher than that of AD.

The game is also split into 4 difficulties:
  • Easy - player starts with 50 lives, can gain lives from finding in-level secrets and collecting all 100 tokens in a level (these aren't one-offs either).
  • Intermediate - player starts with 25 lives, can gain lives from finding in-level secrets and collecting all 100 tokens in a level (these aren't one-offs either)
  • Hard - player starts with 10 lives, can gain lives from finding in-level secrets and collecting all 100 tokens in a level (these are one-offs).
  • Extreme* - player starts with 1 life, cannot gain any extra lives.
* Extreme is just a placeholder, I've got many names for this difficulty level lined up:
  • Hanging On To Dear Life
  • You're Dreaming
  • Bye Sanity
  • God Mode
  • No Noobs Allowed
  • Frustration
  • Incomprehensible
  • I Give Up
  • The One
  • Harder
  • I Wanna Be The Carl
  • Load Save Mode
  • Unbelievable
  • Stairway To Heaven

Current in-game Achievements Menu

So yes, all hope is not lost! I am working on a game (even if I find it to be a very generic one) and will hope to have it finished as soon as I can.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

VT:AD on YoYo Games Down [not anymore]

EDIT: It's now back up.

YYG Download Link:

Due to an unknown error on YoYo Games (game screenshots went blank, I tried to re-upload, however it seems that also causes an error), the game is currently inaccessible. Both Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi versions can still be downloaded off Game Jolt as normal.

Download Links:

Sorry for any inconveniences, I will make sure to keep an eye on YYG so I can put it back up as soon as possible. 


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry X-Mas! + Update on CuiCD and VT

First of all, Merry Christmas!

Work on CuiCD has been semi-OK, stuff has been getting done and hope to get it finished soon. Main things left to do in it are:
  • Add menus: main, pause, options, achievements!
  • Cutscenes: intro, little "hi bad guy!" and ending.
  • Screens: how-to-play (before playing), how-to-fly, how-to-fly-combat, beat level!
  • Achievements: actually add them in.
  • Final level three area.
  • Pre-Boss fun maze.
  • Sound/Music.
Think that sums up what is left to do. Most of it is boring stuff (yay!) but shouldn't take too long to finish up, test, add sound, get and add music (I plan on having the game done before it gets made).

Once that is done, it'll be time to work on the biggie. Oh yes, I mean  biggie. The Vest Trials will push my limits and will allow me to explore some new areas whilst making areas to explore! The levels are going to be not only platforming goodness but also include exploration and some RPG elements. There will be baddies/boss etc. Don't really want to spoil anything for now as most still isn't set in stone, but I'm looking very forward to working on it.

Anyways, hope all readers have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, will be putting up next post when CuiCD gets released!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caught up in Carl's Dream

For the past few weeks I've been working on a small project titled Caught up in Carl's Dream (CuiCD). The game is relatively short, with three regular levels and a boss level. It was originally being made for the GameJolt competition earlier this year, but because of commitments to university I couldn't have it done in time (I feel as if this has happened before...).

The game itself is mainly just a regular platformer with some baddies, collectibles and achievements. Being the lazy person I am there are no ways to defeat the enemies, just dodge them. Collectibles don't really play a main part in the game except helping the player complete achievements, such as:
  • Collecting all collectibles in a level.
  • Defeating the boss without losing any health.
  • Completing levels without losing a life.
Hopefully adding these will make an easy-ish game more difficult for those who want to complete it fully.

There is still a bit to work left to do at current, like adding music, sounds, completing the Overworld, third level, pre-boss area, cutscenes, HUD and menus to name a few. Although things should speed up a bit more as most of the more time-consuming tasks (making levels/rooms) are done.
A look at the game's Overworld.
I consider this game more of a 'experimental' type, as work on my next game (Vest Trials) will mean me thinking up some new fresh gameplay elements and fun puzzle-type levels that make it more then 'just a platformer game'.
One of the heap of 'enemies' - the Crushers.
So that pretty much sums it up! Once I get more things done such as menus, the third level, completed overworld etc. I'll put up another blog post with more screenshots.


Friday, November 18, 2011

University is finished and work has begun!

I finished university for the year on Tuesday, so now I have a 3 month long break which I intend to get a lot of work done on all projects that are underway (including 'The Vest Trials' and another small project I'm finishing at the moment). Of course I'll probably only release the small project during the break as VT is going to take quite a while to complete.

So yeah, small blog post, I'll post one about the project I'm working on at the moment when I can take a few screenshots of the game (currently working on the end boss).

I suppose I can give a hint... CuiCD (acronym of the title). ;)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Vest Trials] Inactivity and Nearing Dusk

Slight update, due to lots of uni work happening at the moment between assignments and study, I've had pretty much no time to work on ND. After the next few weeks (just over four weeks left of uni for the year) I'll be on a three month break where I'll work on the game a lot more heavily.

Currently during my limited spare time I'm working on the base animation engine for the game, it won't be using drawn frames for animation, but only a static image rotated/transitioned/translated. After experimenting at first I like the animations these provide much more than those I can make, and not only that but it uses up less resources.

The plot itself has also been reworked and is at a stage where I'm very pleased of how it's turned out. I'm very excited to get working on this, as I'll be experimenting with a fair few new gameplay elements, such as a higher level of control over what happens in the game.

The game itself won't be a direct sequel to AD, I've purposely left a gap just in-case I want to make a third later on down the track. That being said, ND should be able to be a standalone game, meaning that you don't have to play AD/understand AD to play ND and understand it. I'd like to think of AD as more of a game where you can see where it all began, but not really necessary to the overall plot.

During the game you'll also get to play as characters that aren't the main protagonist of the game, and the game's name (Vest Trials) will finally make sense.

As for overall length of the game, I'm not quite sure, only time will tell. ;)

That's enough from me, I have assignments to do!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[ND] Vest Trials: Nearing Dusk

Yes, the sequel to Vest Trials: Approaching Dawn is the next project I'm working on! I doubt that wasn't a huge surprise to some, but yes, after the release of AD I felt I needed to get a sequel out to finish off and clean up the story line from the first game.

The past two weeks I've been writing up a game design document for this game, and pretty much all parts of it (except game area design and some other things ;) ;) ) are complete so I figured I could get down and dirty and begin to work once more.

I've actually already begun development of the game, already completing the main game menu (with sub-menus of new game/load game/controls/options/story and quit game) along with the game's introduction cutscene! The main menu is a more polished and I feel much more smoother menu (that I adore), so I'm glad I got that done and out of the way pretty much first.

The introduction cutscene uses 'images' to portray the story, in a similar but not quite the same way as Iji. The images are static (most) except they are accompanied with words below them explaining what's happening from the point of the game's protagonist.

Now, to get down to the heart of it, the gameplay and mechanics compared to AD. Nearing Dusk follows more non-linear exploration, making the game Overworld much bigger (for a reason though). The game won't revolve around levels such like those in AD, but other 'forms' of levels, I might post this later on but I want to keep some details hidden!

More about the Overworld - again it takes place underground, however there are different terrains and I plan on making it a lot less 'blocky' than AD hence the use of slopes. The engine that the game will be using (by engine I mean platformer engine) I'll be making from scratch, hopefully adding some improvements such as ledge-grabbing, swimming etc.

The graphics of ND I'm not quite sure on yet, I may stick to the style that was present in AD and just make them cleaner and smoother, or I might go for higher-quality graphics, but I'll probably stick to the former. Of course I plan on making the main character bigger than the one in AD, and keeping the same screen size (sorry, but I actually like the smaller screen size).

So yeah, more on this coming up soon! ;)